submitting your work

For reviews, you will be required to type copies of your works, double spaced on A4 paper with your name on each pages. You maybe required to send a cover letter which contains your details, a list of the works your have included and if requested an email address for correspondence. Each page should cater an approximate 4cm margin around the entire page. Send about four pages of poetry, unless otherwise stated or requested. If you are submitting overseas, you will need to approach your local Post Office in regards to International Reply Coupons. Replies can take anywhere up to three months or more, so patience is a must.

For manuscripts, each publishing house has a set list of submission requirements. Listed is a general guideline that is common amongst majority of the publishing houses. All copies of your poems need to be typed and double spaced on A4 paper allowing a 4cm margin around the entire page. Send approximately 30-75 pages of your manuscript. Remember, send only duplicates as your manuscript may not be returned.

Most publishing houses prefer you not to use elaborate binding and stapling. In most cases, a paper clip or butterfly clip will suffice. Along with your submission, you maybe required to include a synopsis of the theme(s), as well as a 1-2 page cover letter delivering a brief account of the book, why it was written, the author's background and the qualifications of the author. In some circumstances, you maybe required to submit a C.V.

Don't forget to include an ample sized self-addressed stamped envelope along with your submission if you wish your manuscript returned. Make sure you have included sufficient postage (International Reply Coupons). Again, allow anywhere from three to six months to hear a response.


International Reply Coupon
Actual scan on an International Reply Coupon. Click for a larger view.


REMEMBER! The above is just a general guideline. Some publishing houses will request additional categories or modifications to categories already listed. You maybe asked to submit a sample of your manuscript on a CD/DVD or USB thumb drive in a particular format. As mentioned, each publishing house is different with their guidelines and we remind you to make sure you confirm the guidelines prior to submission. Publishing houses have a low tolerance threshold when their guidelines have not been met!