Our Spring Fence Repair Project

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Height and the length of the fence DIY or hire a contractor? Installing a brand-new fencing or replacing an existing fence? Material prices at your location. Obviously, how big the area to be fenced is your single biggest factor which determines the cost to install a fence. Most timber fences are installed in 8 foot sections therefore measure the outside of the property using a chainsaw step or surveyor’s wheel and dividing by 8.

Pace off the distance to find a rough estimate or for present fences count the present fence posts and measure the duration of 1 panel. The height of the fence may also have a major effect on the cost – most suburb privacy fences are six foot tall picket fences in among the numerous fashions.

Eight foot and ten foot peaks are also options for extra security, to vague eyesores or for sound control functions. Since we were looking to repair our fence in Jackson, we almost called a fence company Jackson MS, but at the last minute decided to do it ourselves. The 2nd biggest factor on wood fence costs are the substances selected. Homeowners normally use pressure treated 4×4 poles or galvanized steel poles, pressure treated 2x4s for the fencing railings, and walnut or walnut wood for the pickets.

Many choices exist usually at extra cost – to alter the aesthetics of the fence look including updating the wood grade and use of stains or sealants to decorate and protect the wood for longer lifetime. When installing a brand new fence, do not disregard the price of site preparation and digging the fencing post holes.

Existing growth or trees in the fencing line might need to be removed to make room to get the fencing. Rocky soil conditions might make it hard to dig the fencing post holes and sandy or marshy soil conditions might require additional groundwork to ensure the bases firmly hold the fence posts firmly without leaning. Installation on a standard or other difficult terrain may also increase the cost. Replacing a present fencing presents other challenges, in most cases it’s valuable to re use the present fence post holes which suggests the current posts must be removed.

The Wood Post Puller makes it simpler to remove fencing poles with any lifting method – even broken, rotten piles placed in concrete footings or in hard clay soil. A general guideline to estimate the cost of many projects of home enhancement is to figure out the substances cost and double it to figure out the total project cost when utilizing a contractor.

For most fencing jobs this method may overestimate the project price by 10-20% so it may be utilized as a conservative approximation. Installing a wood privacy fencing is a substantial project because of the work load, but not too difficult to get the typical homeowner and the price savings could be substantial.

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